Erik Timmermans

Kunstenaar / Artist
Erik Timmermans
Techniek / Technics
Schilderijen / Paintings, Wandreliëfs en -objecten / Wallobjects, Mixed media
Info / Description

Architecture, cities and their link with the past are important sources of inspiration for Erik Timmermans (1970). This also applies to memories, people and their (life) stories. In his most recent series of paintings and objects, Erik builds new, more colorful façade structures with elements from the prefabricated gray flats from the former GDR (the Plattenbauten). The story behind the facades is as important as the image itself. The naive, monotonous images and forms refer to a reality that evokes (sometimes annoying) associations, but does not always tie in with that. There is tension between representation and meaning.

www.eriktimmermans.com contains a selection of the paintings and illustrations of ErikTimmermans. For more information send an e-mail to info@eriktimmermans.com.


Total number of images: 5

Platte Art I
  • Platte Art I
Platte Art II
  • Platte Art II
Platte Art X
  • Platte Art X
Platte Art III
  • Platte Art III
Platte Art XXIII
  • Platte Art XXIII

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