Exhibition Untitled 009  Aug 20 - Oct 16 2016

Monika Buch, Don Satijn & Robbert de Goede


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Monika Buch

Monika Buch (ES, 1936) was born in Valencia, where she grew up.That life still plays an important role in her work.The light, the colors and the sea. And the mosaics, tiles and other relics found from the Arab times partly determined her aesthetic preferences.Monika Buch studied in Ulm, Germany on the famous Hochschule für Gestaltung(HfG Ulm).Max Bill was at that time the director.The HfG Ulm was created as a continuation of the Bauhaus in Germany. In the 1920’s the Bauhaus played an important role in modern art.The school was not an art school, but an institution focused on the design of all aspects of daily life and the environment.


Monika Buch 2


Monika Buch, no title, object,

wood, acrylic and  foil, 40 x 40 cm


The ideas of Max Bill and the school buildings designed by him was for Monika Buch the start of her interest in modern architecture.The lessons that the most direct influence on her work had been that of Helene Nonne Schmidt, assistant of Paul Klee at the Bauhaus.During her lessons about color and color theory, she has learned to paint highly differentiated long color series.The inspiring asignments by Hermann von Baravalle about "The Geometry as Sprache der Formen" are still to be found in the principles of Monika her art works.


Monika Buch 1

Monika Buch, no title,

acrylic on panel, 60 x 60 cm

Don Satijn

Don Satijn (NL, 1953) is a versatile artist.In addition to his musical activities, he already is making drawings, prints and objects for a long time.Also in the use of materials he is not picky, steel, raw cotton and wood.In many of his art works, the square or a cube is the starting point.The infinite variations and altough creating a harmony seems simple, but is very labor intensive.


Don Satijn 2


Don Satijn, Lines XXII, Object, 

steel powdercoated, 40 x 40 x 40 cm

Some of the shapes he uses in his sculptures you also can  find in a very different technique that Don sometimes uses, the giclee printing.A giclee is a printing technique developed in the US. The technique is mainly used to make reproductions of works of art.The term giclee is derived from the French verb "gicler" that means spraying.

Don Satijn 1

Don Satijn,

Giclee print, 40 x 40 cm

Robbert de Goede

His distinctive work, wire sculptures with yarn and rope, is in line with the early minimalism and touches of the Dutch ‘nulbeweging’, ‘Zero’.The colored wires define a geometric volume.The whole is concrete and poetic.The strong association with computer models in CAD software to create more complex compositions, make that his work is deeply rooted in the modern era.Robbert de Goede (NL, 1969) about his work: "My installations are designed to hit the spectator.The viewer is drawn into a vacuum, a disturbing puzzle.He is challenged to walk around the work and view it from different angles.This makes the viewer acutely aware of its position in relation to the work of art. ' 




Robbert de Goede 2

Robbert de Goede, Incubator-1, wallbject,  

MDF, yarn, glass and acrylic, 45 x 45 x 22 cm


The comparison of his sculptures with three-dimensional paintings is obvious. The contact points give a very special effect on his work.The work is accessible to everyone.The difference is in the eye of the spectator.Everyone finds different discoveries in the work.The minimal use of material results in transparent views and make its structures visible. Robberts insights gained as an interior designer are interchangeable with his independent work.He incorporates that knowledge into his artwork.


Robbert de Goede 1


 Robbert de Goede, No freedom without a structure, wallobject  4 elements, 

MDF, polyester yarn , acrylic and glass, 129 x 129 x 19 cm





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