Cornelia Bruinewoud

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Cornelia Bruinewoud
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Cornelia Bruinewoud lives in Zyfflich / Germany

Academy of Fine Arts, Utrecht

Bruinewoud  explores the contrast between different kinds of time - old and new, modern and deep time, meeting each other in a field of nowhere...

 Through the years her work slowly developed  into the area of abstract art, with a minimalisticapproach. She started painting with mountains and standing-alone monoliths which enduredtime. Now she also uses simple basic, often geometric, forms as squares and lines. At the sametime there is always a little organic (structure) in her work.Besides that - her paintings are of a monumental and solid emptiness.                            

There are no distractions in her work.

And there is a conceptual component in her paintings, finding its origin in her philosophical interest in time and matter, and dialogue with philosophers and scientists.







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au debut du printemps
  • au debut du printemps
Ratios and Balance
  • Ratios and Balance
tackling the square
  • tackling the square

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