Viktor Hulík

Kunstenaar / Artist
Hulík, Viktor
Techniek / Technics
Schilderijen / Paintings, Wandreliëfs en -objecten / Wallobjects
Info / Description

Since his childhood Viktor Hulik (1949, Bratislava) hase been fascinated by NATURE, by its transformations, variations,the variety of shapes, colors and forms, the omnipresence of MOVEMENT,
the multitude of astonishing links, relationships and continuity …

      Viktor Hulik portrait

Behind Viktor Hulik - Variations to Black&White&Gray Triangles, variable configuration of 12 parts (acrylic on canvas), with 8 quadrillions of possible variants!

Attempts to grasp movement in works of art are manifest in various forms throughout the previous century, its latter part in particular.The idea of motion became the key concept of his work in the early 1980s. Although movement has been developed and expressed in various mediums, his art program has maintained continuity: one stage—which introduces new solutions—results logically from the previous one.

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Middle Geo-Mover 13, 2011, variable object, MDF, acrylic, 90 x 90 cm


The Movers work introduced in 1985 is based on the principle of stark contrast. With Movers, Viktor Hulik found the key to transforming a rationally organized structure into a chaotically destructed picture formation containing new aesthetic information.

 Small Geo Mover 40A 2Small Geo Mover 40A variant1 2

Small Geo-Mover 40A                                                           Small Geo-Mover 40A variant 1

Small Geo Mover 40A variant2 2 Small Geo Mover 40A variant3 2

Small Geo-Mover 40A  variant 2                                         Small Geo-Mover 40A variant 3

In the more recent Geo-Movers, he applied the results of experimentation with identical elements and their transformation potentials. In this work, geometric constructions are formed from several layers—which can be seen as precise, compact, almost minimalist—either black and white or, by contrast, brightly colored.

 Viktor Hulik Catalogus

Katalog of Viktor Hulik



There is usually an eccentrically placed metal screw, which allows parts of the constructions to be rotated, and thus initially quite simple compositions, when set into motion, can display a wide range of transformations, from very subtle variations on the original set to very complex reconfigurations filled with crossings and turnings.

moving with Big Mover 2

Moving with Big Mover 2


moving with Middle Mover 10

Working with middle Mover 10



Every alteration creates a new variation of the original image. A very important moment occurs as the viewer /participant takes part in these changes.


 1949 - born in Bratislava

1968-1974 - studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava

 He lives and works in Bratislava (SK)


Viktor Hulík has exhibited nationally and internationally on around 75 solo exhibitions and more than 450 group exhibitions worldwide.


SOLO exhibitions (selection):


- Articulations, Atelier 340 Museum, Brussels, Belgium, ( with Antoine Laval (L/USA)


- Viktor Hulík, Galerie du Théatre Municipal, Le Mans, France


- Viktor Hulík – Neue Arbeiten, Galerie Peter Lindner, Vienna, Austria


- Marian Drugda, Viktor Hulik,  MADI Slovaquie, Centre d´Art Géometrique MADI, Paris, France


- Tranformable Art ofViktor Hulik and Milan Dobeš, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, USA


- Viktor Hulík - Ars Geometrica 2,  Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

- Viktor Hulík - Ars Geometrica 3,  Topičův salon, Prague, Czech republic

- Viktor Hulík, Mali likovni salon, Dunavski Dialozi 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia


- Viktor Hulík  & Ludwig Wilding, Gallery Zavodny, Mikulov, Czech republic


- Viktor Hulík, Galerie Leonhard, Graz, Austria

- Viktor Hulík – Geo Mover,  Arthouse /Csikász Galéria, Veszprém, Hungary

Group exhibitions (only last 4 years):


- MADI Univerzum - 20 Years of Mobil MADI Múzeum, Kassák Museum, Budapest, Hungary

- Mobil madi Múzeum állando tárlat, Széchenyi István University, Györ, Hungary

- Rythm of the City, City Gallery Bratislava, Bratislava

- Sculpture and Object XVIII., GEOmetria & 20MMM, Dom umenia, Bratislava

- Symetry Festival 2013 - Suprematism 100, VAK Centrum voor den Kunsten, Delft, Holland

- Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf, Germany

- Segmento Complementarietá, Galeria Art & Co, Caserta, Italy

- East + West, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, Holland


- From GCM Collection,  GCM, Gallery of Cyprián Majerník, Bratislava

- Nemzetközi Mobil Madi Múzeum, Városhaza, Vác, Hungary

- Struktur-Linie-Raum, Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf, Germany

- KK-SK (Honour to Štefan Belohradský), Gallery Z, Bratislava

- Abstract paintings and objects, Gallery Art Capital, Bratislava

- Konstruktive+Inter+Konkret, Fereczy Museum - Muveszet Malom, Szentendre, Hungary

- from A till Z in Gallery Z, Gallery Z, Bratislava


-Konstruktive+Inter+Konkret, Hungarian Embassy, Berlin, Germany

- Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Karlsruhe, Germany

- Acchrochage - Künstler der Galerie und Neuentdeckungen, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany

- "Rendezvous der Länder", Neuhängung der Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert - Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945, Muzeum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, Germany

- Gondolatok a fekete négyzet körül, Vasarely múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

- Geometrical abstraction from Martin Šamaj collection, Gallery Z, Bratislava

- Kunstfest Pfingsten 2015, Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf, Germany

- Viktor Hulík, Jürgen Paas, Reinhard Roy - wandobjekte, skulpturen, bilder, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany

- Art Bodensee, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Dornbirn, Austria

- Paper Cole, Gallery of Spiš Artists, Spišská Nová Ves

- Olomouc Circle, Museum of Modern Art, Olomouc, Czech republic

- Querschnitt - Kunstler der Galerie Leonhard, Galerie Leonhard, Graz, Austria

- Arte Fiera Bergamo, Galerie Leonhard, Bergamo, Italy

- Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf, Germany


- 4. Internationalen André Evard Preises, Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

- Art Karlsruhe 2016, Panarte Galerie, Karlsruhe, Germany

- ArtParis 2016, Grand Palais, Galerie La Ligne, Paris, France

- Konkret / Drei strategien, Dominique Chapuis, Viktor Hulík, Reinhard Roy, Künstlerforum,  Remagen, Germany

- International Art Fair Warsaw 2016, Galeria ESTA, Warsaw, Poland

- In between – István Haász, Viktor Hulík, Jan Pamula, Reinhard Roy, Gallery Esta, Gliwice, Poland

- Kunstfest Pfingsten 2016, Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf, Germany

- Socha a Objekt XXI. – Space and Structure, City Gallery Bratislava -  Mirbach Palace, Bratislava

- Modern Art Slovakia – Kunst aus Trnava, Landesgalerie Burgenland, Eisenstadt, Austria

- Light-Motion-Space, Galerie la Ligne, Zurich, Switzerland


- Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

- Municipal Gallery, Bratislava

- Regional Gallery of Považie, Žilina,

- Turiec Gallery, Martin

- State Gallery, Banská Bystrica

- Gallery of Fine Arts, Prešov

- FMK Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

- Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway

- Jánus Panonius Museum, Pécs, Hungary

- Kassák Museum, Budapest, Hungary

- National Gallery, Prague, Czech republic

- East Slovakian Gallery, Košice

- Gallery of Fine Art, Nové Zámky

- Museum of Modern Art of the Family Warhol, Medzilaborce

- Balneological Museum, Piešťany

- Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain

- Regional Museum, Topolčany

- Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava

- M.A.Bazovský Gallery, Trenčín

- P.M.Bohúň Gallery, Liptovský Mikuláš

- Slovak Savings Bank, Bratislava

- Helmut Servas Collection, Rodalben, Germany

- Savings Bank Schwäbisch Hall, Munich, Germany

- Hotel Tatra, Bratislava

- Allianz, Bratislava

- West Georgia University, Carrollton, USA

- Sunderland University, Sunderland, Great Britain

- Mobil MADI Museum, Budapest, Hungary

- Municipal Museum of Art, Gyor, Hungary

- Museu MADI, Sobral, Brazil

- Collection MADI, Maubeuge, France

- Széchenyi István University, Györ, Hungary

- Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, USA

- Museo Magi ´900, Pieve di Cento – Bologna, Italy

- Gallery of Cyprian Majernik, Bratislava

- Galerie Závodný, Mikulov, Czech republic

- Galerie Goller, Selb, Germany

- Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapešť, Hungary

- Sammlung Peter C.Ruppert, Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, Germany

- Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín

- Sammlung Peter Conzatti, Frankfurt, Germany

- Sammlung Siegried Grauwinkel, Berlin, Germany

- Art House, Veszprém, Hungary

and in personal collections:

Slovakia, USA, Czech Republic, Austria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, France, Hungary, 


Total number of images: 8

Small Geo-Mover 21A
  • Small Geo-Mover 21A
  • Techniek: variable object
  • Materiaal: MDF, acrylic
  • Formaat: basic size 40 x 40 cm
  • Prijs €: 3 800.-Euro
Small Geo-Mover 21A,  variant
  • Small Geo-Mover 21A, variant
  • Techniek: variable object
Small Geo-Mover 39
  • Small Geo-Mover 39
  • Techniek: variable object
  • Materiaal: MDF, acrylic
  • Formaat: 40 x 40 cm
  • Prijs €: 3 800.-Euro
Small Geo-Mover 39, variant
  • Small Geo-Mover 39, variant
Small Geo-Mover 12B
  • Small Geo-Mover 12B
  • Techniek: variable object
  • Materiaal: MDF, acrylic
  • Formaat: basic size 40 x 40 cm, (possible variant 70 x 70 cm)
  • Prijs €: 3 800.-Euro
Small Geo-Mover 12B, variant
  • Small Geo-Mover 12B, variant
Middle Geo-Mover 10, 2010
  • Middle Geo-Mover 10, 2010
  • Techniek: variable object
  • Materiaal: MDF, acrylic
  • Formaat: basic size 90 x 90 cm, (possible variation 150 x 150 cm)
  • Prijs €: 10 000.-Euro
Middle Geo-Mover 10, variant
  • Middle Geo-Mover 10, variant

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