Christine Löw

Kunstenaar / Artist
Christine Löw
Techniek / Technics
Schilderijen / Paintings
Info / Description

Christine Löw lives and works in Zangberg, Germany
Studied drawing at Heinz Seeber, Munich (1985-1988) and
painting at Richard Bauschmid, Munich (1990 –1993) and
Christoph Kern, Berlin (1995)
Since 1996 solo exhibitions in Galeries in Germany.
Group and collaborative shows in Germany, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, France, USA, Australia, Hungary, Slovenia and Argentina.

In the beginning I put the focus on colorfield painting. Since the last years I work primarily with a strong emphasis on geometric abstraction, a serie on concrete art, on a reduction of image structures with strict geometrical form, mainly with horizontal and vertical stripes with various widths. My paintings are composed of a few elements – line, proportion, color and medium and they are charcterized by luminous color, sensuous surfaces and clear configuration.


Total number of images: 7

horizontal lines.131.020
  • horizontal lines.131.020
black&white 134.020
  • black&white 134.020
black&white 135.020
  • black&white 135.020
black&white 137.020
  • black&white 137.020
dancing blue 113.019
  • dancing blue 113.019
dark blue.071.019
  • dark blue.071.019
horizontal lines.128.019
  • horizontal lines.128.019

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