Ruben Koerhuis

Kunstenaar / Artist
Ruben Koerhuis
Techniek / Technics
Beelden en sculpturen / Sculptures
Info / Description

Abstracte beelden in metaal en mixed media. Narratief werk dat zich kenmerkt door de ’sphere’, een bol die gebruikt wordt als vertaler van momenten en emoties uit het leven van de kunstenaar. Ondanks het maakplezier zijn de objecten nooit per toeval of uit louter vormgeving ontstaan: er is altijd een waarom. Door het gebruik van generieke titels wordt de kijker daar een eigen interpretatie of identificatie van gegund. Ofwel: voor de maker is het klaar, nu is de kijker aan zet.. 

“Het is meer dan eens gebeurd dat iemand de bedoeling van het werk zag omdat de achterliggende emotie vanuit eigen ervaringen herkend werd. Daarmee koppel ik mijn gevoelens aan die van een onbekende en werkt het object ineens als een spiegel. Voor mij is het dan een groot feest omdat het werk zich als ‘gelukt’ bewijst..”

Kunstenaar lid van Pulchri Studio Den Haag sinds december 2019


Ruben Koerhuis (1959) has always been passionate about creating images that express a deeper meaning. That passion has led his personal quest of artistic expression through a diverse range of mediums including painting, film and photography as well as videography projects on assignment. Whether assigned work or creating free-form objects, his work has been guided not only by principles learned other art forms, but as importantly, integration of deeper message or meaning. 

The symbolism of time, life and the never-ending human quest for meaning led to the creation of a series of clocks based on photos of well-lived antique watches. This ‘time with a past' project ultimately became ‘brokenfaces.com’: unique metal time pieces. These clocks were created in a three- year project of experimenting with metal and its ability to be manipulated. While this was a limited project, that first metal weld inspired the artist’s realization of the limitless possibilities on the horizon with free-form metal sculpting. From shape to patina, metal spoke to the artist’s passion for creating objects that tell a story. 

The metal clock was a limit that first proved necessary as a brake. Without that assignment, a free sculpture became an endless trade-off and to avoid disappointment in this new form, also as a craft, the clock was deliberately used as an internal training.

However, the free sculptor was already born. Parallel to what was brought out in the open through time pieces, ‘secretly’ ways were explored to abandon this road. The liberating theme was eventually found in the sphere (the metal ball) as a personification of the maker, his soul, his motivation or his ‘being'. In hindsight, this is no coincidence. Years ago, this theme was used in several series of free photography. These pieces just had to fall into the right place. To be recognised within the right framework. From that day on, the brake could be released and endless new work could be created with a new, very exciting horizon.

“...And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” - Dylan Thomas



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