Jean-François Escande

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Jean-François Escande
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Artist statement JF ESCANDE

« Peindre, c’est se libérer en jouant. » Gottfried Honegger

… From the Origins of geometry (Michel Serres) to Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones) : Jean-François Escande, born in 1962 in Agen Lot-et-Garonne, is a self-taught artist et/and architect working in Bordeaux and Lège Cap-Ferret, France. Premonitory confluence. The french conjunction et/and attaches itself to his existence as well as to the series produced in Indian ink et /and charcoal. For both, the geometry - elementary or flexible, increased or decreased - is consubstantial. His work is imbued with blackness (exclusively) over brush (sometimes) and time (always). Erratic black, universal and secret. The darkness of controversies, oppositions and age-old tones. Anthropological. Black on white depending. The invariance of the process harmonises with the diversity of the art work : black series of Indian INK or CHArcoal. Chance and precision standarts (almost endemic) participate in the process (in the didactic sense) and decline (in the linguistic sense) a resolutely random geometric abstraction. Seriality tests the elasticity of time and space all down the line ; the series is accomplished by numbers (production) et/and combination (display) : series item INK 1.15, CHA 1.72, INK 4.23, CHA 3.1, INK 8.4


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