In the work of Ingrid Hornef (DE, 1940) lawfulness and coincidence play a central role. The series of works has the title "alea iacta est". A Latin saying that wants to indicate that certain events have been irrevocably triggered and something unavoidable will happen, such as the gambler who has thrown the dice. That dice also uses Ingrid for her work. The rules are set by Ingrid herself. But within those rules coincidences may happen. 


Ingrid Hornef 1 2

 Ingrid Hornef, ''object 138'',
MDF en acryl, 30 x 30 x 6 cm

Ingrid Hornef  regards the coincidence as freedom, it is not arbitrary and gives her the opportunity to disconnect the objective process of emotion and subjectivity. To speak with Arp: "Accident in art in our time is not a coincidence, but a gift from the Muze." 
Ingrid Hornef 3

 Ingrid Hornef, 66 A en 66 B
MDF, houten pluggen en acryl, 60 x 60 cm


Kerstin Hedman (SE, 1948) works more in the tradition of post-war American artists than as traditional constructivist. Her work is made up of layers of acrylic paint on plexiglas. The works consist of large monochrome color areas, which therefore form their own lattice pattern. Through the transparent perspex, a light comes from behind the painting that gives a clarity to the color that the paint itself does not deliver. 

Kerstin Hedman 1

 Kerstin Hedman, 'blue striped painting',
acryl op plexiglas, 70 x 70 cm


Kerstin is not aiming for perfection, some works have pigment rings and make it a nice relief. Work on depths on a flat surface. Her goal is to reduce material usage to the absolute minimum, yet achieve the maximum effect. 

Kerstin Hedman 3

Kerstin Hedman, 'blue striped', 'white' and 'red painting',
acryl op plexiglas, 70 x 70 cm



Artist rooose (NL,1946) is originally a graphic designer. Someone who likes to think in lines and creates his own fantasy world. His objects of a.o. steel, tin and glass, he describes as 'visual utensils'. It looks technical, the material is derived from the manufacturing industry. And the function is not clear. Sometimes the utensils seem to be often the exercises for the mind of the beholder. By just a new perspective and special shape solution, rooose wants to help us look sharper. His works refer to emptiness and space; "Something that is there and is not there at the same time". 

rooose 2 2

 rooose, 'object (Code M.103)',
H148, B61, D69 cm, staal/tin

rooose speaks of ‘visual functionalism’; Each component has a necessary position for another part. His objects are there to be read. The eyes are pulled through the individual parts and skip continuously in the work. The mind tries to denote the total. For rooose, his works are an adventure. An work is created in his head, a sketch is made and further elaborated on paper until detailed drawings on scale. Then it is constructed and every detail is viewed on curvature, ratio and contrast. The objects are finished with powder coating or metallic. 
rooose 1
rooose, 'Zelfportret (Code M 114)',
H58,5 B 50,5 D11,5 cm, staal/lak/spiegel


The oeuvre of Elly Sloep (NL, 1968) consists abstract geometric drawings and animations. The drawings are usually small in size (often 20 x 30 cm) and made with pencil. But she also draws large works with Siberian chalk. Many drawings are made on a grid of 2 x 2 cm. This grid forms the basis of the drawing. By placing the shapes consistently on the intersections of the grid, the drawing remains orderly.
Elly Sloep, tekening nr. 2

The shapes she uses are usually circles, oval or lines. She is working systematically, but that can be different in every drawing. The system determines the order and placement of the circles, ovals or lines. The gray faces contrast with the straight shapes and give the drawings a greater intensity. 




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