Exhibition untitled 010 22 oktober 2016 - 4 december 2016

Ingrid Roos, Marus van der Made en Annet Vroom



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Ingrid Roos

The work of Ingrid Roos (NL1968) can be seen between art and design.The objects she creates are minimalist in shape and it is site specific art. In her work Ingrid shows her fascination for "natural light", she uses light as an expressive medium. But natural or artificial light, it is not her to the light source itself, but the effect that light gives. This causes effects such as shadow, reflection and color mixing. Her objects are characterized by simplicity and transparency and often get a place on the wall.
Her work is minimalistic, has a clear form and provide a measure of how the light begins to spread in any direction, in any color, and to what extent. Reflections are gradually diffused, have actually no fixed shape and the object itself is needed to be a form. The objects can be seen as individual sculptures but they are in a direct relation to the space in which they are located. The wall will be colder or warmer, lighter or darker depending on the nature of the object. And thus influence the properties of the atmosphere and feeling of the space.
Ingrid Roos
Ingrid Roos, 'Tube Duotone',
Aluminium, acrylaat en natural light, 80 x 5 x 5 cm
gradient 250 m 20160617 1749464445

Ingrid Roos, 'Gradient 250-M'
Acrylaat en natural light, 25 x 30 x 8 cm

Marus van der Made

From 1975 Marus van der Made (NL1940) is working as an artist. Both the name concrete constructive art and geometric abstract art apply to his style. Like the term minimalism. Color, space, light and movement are essential. He started making work with wood and corian, a versatile material made for the industry used for countertops. Later he also started to use brass, aluminum and pure pigment. 
In recent years he has been working with dibond materials and vibond, very thin sheets of aluminum separated by plastic. As a contrast, he uses also anthracite coal. Experimenting with different materials and surfaces is always a challenge for Marus. Shadow effects are very important in his art works and therefore with the perception of the viewer. Despite the characterization of concrete constructivist art, for Marus; emotion and intuition is allowed. The essence of form remains important.
piramideserie p11 2015 materiaal vibond acryl antraciet kool 20160906 1390082696 1
Marus van der Made, 'Piramideserie P.11 2015'
Vibons, acryl en antraciet-kool
Marus van der Made
Marus van der Made, 'Piramideserie P.08A 2015'
Vibond en acryl, 45 x 75 x 11 cm


Annet Vroom

Annet Vroom (Nl,1956) makes reliefs. Elements recurring in her work made with paper are repetition, rhythm, space, stacking, light and shadow. The applied forms are often geometrically. The organization ranges from tight to playful and from quiet to dynamic. With cutting, pasting, painting or pricking paper, Annet explores the possibilities of working in space. She opted for repetitive forms. This causes minimal offsets with a playful and rhythmic character. 
She is looking for combinations of materials, techniques and image elements in which she continues to strive for simplicity and purity. As shown in a rectangular diamond, a so-called ‘baquette’, the name of a set works. Constructivist inspiration for her work, she gets form other forms of art, choreography and architecture.
 6 wave 2 x 14 20160911 1089521928 1
Annet Vroom, 'Wave 2 x 1',
papier, 74 x 68 cm

Annet Vroom 2

Annet Vroom, 'Baquette 3',
papier, 74 x 68  cm



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