Exhibition Untitled TZT005  January 30 - March 6 2016

 Rity Jansen Heijtmajer, Tineke Porck & Han Reeder





Rity Jansen Heijtmajer

For Rity Jansen Heijtmajer (NL1942) painting means thinking. Out of interest for the Russian Constructivists Malevich,El Lissitzky,Tatlin, Naum Gabo, Popova and others formed a fascination. A development took place in her ideas, related to the geometric-constructive style. Rity Jansen Heijtmajer uses the basic elements of geometry, such as square, triangle and circle. The geometric-abstract work gives her the ability to deal, from a distance, with reality, so she can create her own visual reality. In the experience of this constructed space the works has the opportunity to bring out her inner mood in shape and color, a personal tone in her work. 


Rity Jansen Heijtmajer, ‘Reduction 3’,
acryl op doek, 40 x 40 cm

Recently, there is a layering in her paintings. The choice of the circle and the white color are an approach that allows an empty imagination. This creates a space to think and consider within the composition. The active gray triangles produce a rhythm in the orange to red color gradient surfaces, so a process of change. The conscious choice of these geometric expressive dynamics in the painting is an attitude that gives her emotional space.


Rity Jansen Heijtmajer, ‘Cadence 3’,
acryl op doek, 30 x 30 cm


Tineke Porck

Tineke Porck (NL 1954 ) has a great relationship with Constructivism and the ‘Nul-groep’. Artists that appeal to her are Bob Bonies, Jan Schoonhoven, Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko. Solid lines, horizontal and vertical, thick and fine.The use of color in her work is minimal: gray, black or bright colors. 



Tineke Porck, ‘untitled dialogue’,
oliepainting on mdf and wood, 20,5 x 11,3 cm


Yet it is never purely mathematical, it also leaves room for intuition and personal handwriting. The work of Tineke, usually made up of basic components such as lines and points, goes to extremes. It says nothing, but it talks. It speaks with an intensity that is not always understand or understood.


Tineke Porck, no title, serie Lining
mixed technic, oilpaint on canvas,  60 x 50 cm


Han Reeder

Besides painter Han Reeder (NL 1939) in particular a photographer. He tries to steal, in his photography, the light in its myriad manifestations. The most striking examples are the photo series "Frozen Light" and "Squints in medieval churches.", a book has also appeared on the last series. In the photos of the squints that shows Han Reeder is especially noticeable its minimalist character. 


Han Reeder, 'Hantum, lege nis'
foto, fine art / diasec, 60 x 80 cm

New in his work is the series "Flower Still Life", inspired by the simplicity of the floral decorations in medieval books of hours and the Moorish mosaic art: flowers and leaves, often reduced to motives abound, repetition and variation. Trays in all possible manifestations have taken the place of the traditional "Vase". The "still lifes" are so strongly stylized or abstracted, sometimes beyond the borders of the genre, than they becomes "flower still lifes without flour."



 Han Reeder, 'sneeuwklokjes’
foto, Chromaluxe, 60 x 80 cm





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