Exhibition Untitled TZT003 October 31 - December 6 2015

Henk Rusman, Henk van Trigt & Carrie Meijer



Henk Rusman

In more than 30 years of expertise Henk Rusman (NL,1950) studied structures and arrangements. Constructivism and geometrical abstract art became increasingly important to him. Particulary works of Rietveld, Mondriaan, Van Doesburg and Bauhaus are a great inspiration. His ability to think, see and experience in abstract terms, characterizes his own objects. Henk thinks in "images", for him a way of life. 

Henk Rusman, Structuur in geel, wandobject
roestvrijstaal / koper / emailleer, 45 x 45 x 10 cm

Each image that he wants to build has new challenges. A search in which choices must be made. He starts playing with steel or cardboard. The use of different material has an influence on his work, it contributes to the meaning of the artwork, as well as to the final result. Steel, for example, is a material that can be cut and welded, while natural stone breaks when bending. Basic mathematical shapes like circle, square and oval forms the basis of his research. Regularities, repetition and rhythm can be designed in an endless manner.

Henk Rusman, Rotatie II, wandobject
roestvrijstaal, 110 x 110 x 45 cm

Henk van Trigt

Henk van Trigt (NL,1943) works, after his study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, as a constructivist. Purity and beauty in form and color is always the starting point in his paintings. Essential is the use of geometric shapes and the straight line as an example of perfect proportions. 


Henk van Trigt, zonder titel 2015-08
acryl op doek, 60 x 80 cm

Strong colors in flat surfaces painted strengthen the shape, and the shape enhances the color. It forms, in part by spatial effect, the basis of the visual tension in his paintings. Important in the creation of his work are the first taken emotionally expressive solutions and the rational control there after. The resulting balance between brightness and elusiveness makes his works so special.

 Henk van Trigt,zonder titel 2015-07
acryl op doek, 40 x 60 cm


Carrie Meijer

It doesn’t matter what kind of material Carrie Meijer (NL, 1951) is using, or which technique, she always comes back to the inner need of regualrity. Pen drawings, linocuts and lithography. Her love for the work of Bram van Velde and the use of the colored surfaces inspired her to follow different courses, such as the Vrije Academie in The Hague. 

Carrie Meijer, D12, 2012
digitale print, 48,3 x 32,9 cm

A few years ago she actually accidentally created digital works.The digital prints that can be seen at the exhibition in TZT003 at Bos Fine Art, in addition to the pen drawings, are made in Microsoft Word. Lines, frames and colours. And what particularly is odd in this digital age, the works are unique. After printing, the files are deleted. There is only one print.

 Carrie Meijer, D06, 2012
digitale print, 48,3 x 32,9 cm





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