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duo expositie | duo exhibition

Margriet van Engelen & Han Reeder

3 juni  - 20 juni | June 3 - June 20

Margriet van Engelen

The strict grid of stainless steel mesh challenges Margriet van Engelen (NL 1943) to disrupt this or to emphasize it, By bending, folding, cutting it out and weaving it through, works are created that address the process of change, which is relevant to society and climate-change. The transparent surface of the mesh gives the possibility to put several layers behind each other and to process them in different ways, while together they determine the overall image. Placing many threads behind each other creates a moirè effect that makes the surface appear to move.


Margriet van Engelen bijgesneden


"The rhythm of line 1", 30 x 30 x 12 cm
roestvrij staalgaas met doek | stainless steel mesh with canvas


Han Reeder

Besides a painter, Han Reeder (NL, 1939) is mainly a photographer. With photography he tries to steal light from its countless manifestations. In this duo exhibition Han shows two types of work. The main piece is the 8-part “The color of Gray”, 8 paintings, each composed of squares with different variations in color. Presented in two horizontal rows. It is a conceptual work. It shows how the colors gray, composed of black with white and gray from a mixture of red, yellow and blue, distinguish themselves when mixed with more or less red, yellow or blue.
Related to this and also conceptually is the photographic three-part “Eye for Red”. The other, more or less geometric-abstract photos, mostly come from the final phase of his project “Flower Still Lifes”. Due to his predilection for stylization and abstraction, this project even developed into “flower still lifes without a flower”. Modern presentation forms have therefore replaced the traditional vase. Remains of the old genre: light, color and composition and of course the tension between beauty and decay.


Han Reeder

"De kleur van Grijs 8-luik", 160 x 270 cm,
acryl op linnen | acrylic on linen



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