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Doris Marten & Guus Zuiderwijk

Exhibition period : November 3 until November 27 2022

Opening Saturday November 5 1-5 pm


Doris Marten

Layers Object no.5
Inkt op aluminium dibond, 45 x 70 cm

Doris Marten (DE 1971) describes the LAYERS group of works as her constructive basis. These paintings and objects embody the central themes of her art in a concentrated and reduced form.
The LAYERS are drawn on Alu-Dibond panels. They consist of straight lines of color, about 1 mm wide, made with technical pens and the help of a ruler. The lines are drawn continuously, without lifting the pen. Color in a simple, neutral and at the same time constructive form.
In the LAYERS Pictures, the lines of color form square or rectangular areas which, in their interplay, fill the composition.
Through their arrangement in a side-by-side, under- and overlapping manner, the square forms are cut or broken. Nevertheless, the interplay with the parallel color lines invariably creates horizontal or vertical form structures. In each work there are exactly seven colors.
For Marten, this is an optimal number to achieve a wide range of variations and at the same time avoid arbitrariness. The chosen minimalism forms the starting point for a conceptually structured, ever-expanding oeuvre. With each group of works, the artist explores new thresholds of drawing, painting and object art.
Doris Marten sees her visual exploration of illusion and reality as a homage to Op-Art. She names Bridget Riley and Dario Pérez-Flores as sources of inspiration. The pioneer of this art movement, Josef Albers, even claimed that all color perception is illusion. In 1963, he wrote in "Interaction of Color": "In visual perception, a color is almost never seen as it really is - as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.


Guus Zuiderwijk

Changing Reflections
aluminium en kunstof, 60 x 60 x 5 cm

Guus Zuiderwijk (NL 1947) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 1968 and worked as a designer of monumental ceramics at Royale Delft (Porceleyne Fles) and as a teacher. The series of works that Guus shows in this exhibition are titled “Changing reflections”. Light and shadow determine how the artwork presents itself to the viewer, depending on which angle you look at it. Artificial light or daylight make the difference, daylight changes every moment, artificial light is possible in many variations. The shades are uniform and frugal. In terms of form, architecture and industry are the source of inspiration, rhythm and repetition. The brushed aluminum reflects the light differently when applied horizontally or vertically, that's the game being played.


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