Exhibition Untitled TZT055

Wil van Blokland & Herman van de Poll

13 mei - 30 mei | May 13 - May 30

Wil van Blokland

Het verlangen naar contact, juist nog sterker in dit coronajaar, en de antimicrobiële effecten van het metaal koper, brachten Wil van Blokland (NL 1954) tot een serie werk: VERBINDEN MET KOPER in de vorm van koperdraad, koperluster, koperglazuren, koperstaf, koperplaat, kopergaas en koperbuis. Koper verbindt al meer dan een eeuw: elektriciteit en telefonie. VERBINDING is het thema van haar werk. Al sinds haar eindexamen aan de academie is verbinding haar thema.

"Connection with copper" 
klein, koperluster en koperdraad | clay, copper lustre and copper wire
74 x 20 x 20 cm

The desire for contact, even stronger in this covid year, and the antimicrobial effects of the metal copper, led Wil van Blokland (NL 1954) to a series of work: CONNECTING WITH COPPER in the form of copper wire, copper luster, copper glazes, copper rod, copper plate, copper mesh, copper tube. Copper has been connecting electricity, telephony, etc. for more than a century. CONNECTION is the theme of her work. Connection has been her theme since her graduation at the academy.

Herman van de Poll

Dit jaar viert Herman van de Poll (NL 1952) zijn 20e jaar als professioneel beeldend kunstenaar. Herman is oorspronkelijk opgeleid als graficus. Na diverse opleidingen, o.a. Academie Minerva in Groningen, is hij zich gaan concentreren op het schilderen. Herman maakt voornamelijk composities met mathematische vormen gebaseerd op de chaostheorie. In zijn huidige serie geoChao laat hij driehoeken en cirkels weg en richt zich op de vierkanten en de verhoudingen tussen de vierkanten.

"geoChao 312"
acryl en olieverf op linnen | acrylic and oil paint on linen
50 x 50 cm

This year Herman van de Poll is celebrating his 20th year as a professional visual artist. Herman (NL, 1952) is originally trained as a graphic artist. After several courses, included Academy Minerva in Groningen, he concentrated on his paintings. Herman is makes mainly compositions with mathematical forms based on chaos theory. In his current series geoChao he leaves triangles and circles away and focuses on the squares and the relationships between the squares.

Exhibition Untitled TZT054

duo expositie | duo exhibition
Manja Hazenberg en Cornelia Bruinewoud
 1 april t/m 9 mei | April 1 - May 9

Manja Hazenberg
The works made by Manja Hazenberg (NL 1952) are geometric abstract. The dimensions of the objects are based on the Fibonacci numbers. It is a rhythmic game of relationships, shape and balance. Sometimes it is a composition of almost identical elements, the whole being more than the sum of the parts. Most objects are made of zinc. The surface is either unworked, or machined with different acids, resulting in contrasts in color and texture. Some items are provided with gold leaf for an added effect.

"Cross", 11 x 10,5 x 9 cm
geëtst zink, gesoldeerd | etched zinc, soldered

"M",  wandobject | wall object, 8 x 8 x 8 cm
 zink gesoldeerd, bladgoud | zinc, soldered and  gold leaf

Cornelia Bruinewoud
Cornelia Bruinewoud (NL 1958) explores the contrast between different kinds of time - old and new, modern and deep time, meeting each other in a field of nowhere...
Through the years her work slowly developed into the area of abstract art, with a minimalistic approach. She started painting with mountains and standing-alone monoliths which enduredtime. Now she also uses simple basic, often geometric, forms as squares and lines. At the sametime there is always a little organic (structure) in her work.Besides that - her paintings are of a monumental and solid emptiness. There are no distractions in her work. And there is a conceptual component in her paintings, finding its origin in her philosophical interest in time and matter, and dialogue with philosophers and scientists.


samurai - waiting for the sun, 120 x 90 cm
acryl op linnen | acrylic on linen


"time place Samurai II", 60 x 50 cm
acryl op linnen | acrylic on linen

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