Exhibition Untitled TZT060

Hubert Wurth (paintings) and Charlotte Burgmans (wall objects) 

Opening Saturday September 18th
5 pm - 7 pm

On Thursday  September 16 until Sunday  October 3 2021 at Bos Fine Art, an exhibition will take place with paintings from Hubert Wurth and wall objects from Charlotte Burgmans. 
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday from 12 pm – 6 pm. Other times and dates, only by appointment. 

Hubert Wurth

About his work, Hubert Wurth says “My way of portraying space is through abstract painting. The surface challenges and guides me, the two dimensions enforce strictness. Freed from the direct bondage of representation, abstraction is nevertheless a reflection of the life we ​​have.”
Hubert Wurth (Luxembourg 1952) has been drawing and painting from an early age. He learned to paint from his father, who, in addition to his work as a judge, was an amateur painter.
After law studies, Hubert worked as a diplomat. With posts in, among others, Moscow, The Hague, London, New York and Vienna. In addition to his work as ambassador for Luxembourg, he has also always continued to draw and paint and has had various (inter)national exhibitions, including in The Hague! Now he is back as a painter with a special exhibition at the Hofvijver at Bos Fine Art The Hague.
About his work
As a child he already loved to abstract with straight lines and rectangular lines. This can also be seen in his works 60 years later. Sharp, full of sharp corners and lines, sometimes as thin as the blade of a knife.
In his Moscow time as Ambassador of Luxembourg, he got to know the Russian constructivists. This greatly influenced his work. Then in the Netherlands he was inspired by the work of Jan Dibbets.
His recent paintings are made with a combination of oil on canvas and collages of newspaper and magazine photos. Newspapers were increasingly printed in full color in the 1990s and as a diplomat he was a 'big user' to keep himself informed of all the news in the world. The photos are used as pigments for the works.
The paintings are always abstract. There is no relationship with reality and do not look for a message. The works have no title and titles are not suitable and not applicable in the eyes of Hubert Wurth, you cannot describe abstract art in words.
Wurth held many expositions, like for instance in Luxembourg, Moscow, Helsinki, The Hague, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Vienna Bratislavia, Salzberg, etc.


01 P 18

Hubert Wurth, no title
collage of fragments of press photos and oil paint on canvas, 140 x 100 cm



Charlotte Burgmans

Charlotte Burgmans (Netherlands 1964) took art classes before she could even write. Since then, art has been part of her life. Burgmans is considered a self-taught artist, although she has taken art classes in many different disciplines, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, glass blowing and printmaking. The move to the United States in 2003 marked a major boost to her art career.
In California she attended master classes in painting, graphics and ceramics and successfully participated in so-called jury shows (in California, Texas, New York, etc.). She had her first solo exhibition in October 2004. Burgmans has spent much of her career in California, currently working from her studio in the Netherlands. Her work is collected internationally in corporate and private collections.
The art style of Charlotte Burgmans has gone through an evolution. Her work currently consists of wall reliefs and abstract paintings.
About her work Charlote says:
“The Organized Chaos series is the result of my desire to create connectedness and order out of chaos.”
Burgmans has always been interested in minimalism and the zero-art movement. This certainly influenced her work. In recent years she has mainly focused on wall reliefs and abstract works, in which lines, light and shadow play an important role.
Burgmans designs a geometric pattern for her wall reliefs, which she applies to the MDF surface. She makes tiles with self-drying clay, different lengths for each design, but always 1 to 2 mm thin.
She uses self-hardening clay that dries in the air for these 'tiles' and the strips in her wall reliefs. It has a high concentration of cellulose fibers. The advantage of this is that it hardly shrinks, it has a fine structure and you can adjust it completely to your liking during the drying process.
The wafer-thin tiles are deliberately made irregular by means of ridges. Finally, the tiles are fixed one by one in the pattern. The artworks contain hundreds of tiles. Museum-quality UV plexiglass is placed over the artwork for the important finishing touch. The spaces between the tiles are of great importance to give shadow and light free play. Every moment of the day the artwork looks different.



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Charlotte Burgmans, "Organized Chaos Color 5"
MDF, clay and acrylic, 90 x 90 x 6 cm





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