Exhibition Untitled TZT004  December 12  2015 - January 24 January

Olivier Julia, Nelleke Hulsen & Eef de Graaf 





Olivier Julia

Olivier Julia (F 1952) was trained as a graphic artist at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He makes, in addition to prints and drawings, in recent years more and more three-dimensional work, including wall objects. His works are made up of superimposed layers of material. 


Olivier Julia, Paysage Urbain IV, hout en acryl,
30 x 30 x 6 cm

For his wall objects he uses wood. He constructs the material in his work 'vertical and horizontal' in combination with 'open and closed' and 'light and dark'. This creates both space and spatiality. In combination with the use of colors emerge reliefs reveal Oliviers relationship with the architecture.


Olivier Julia, Contraste VI, hout en acryl, 
15 x 26 x 15 cm 

Nelleke Hulsen

The works of Nelleke Hulsen (NL 1948) are woven, but not with the intention to generate a kind of dust. The tissue material and the weaving technique and get the job position; it is not about the structure itself; it comes to the design and spatial use of the material in which the softness of textile, in combination with the strict geometric shapes and the orderliness of the art, to form a whole. 



Nelleke Hulsen, 'Veelkleurig', katoen en zijde,
52 x 52 cm

The works are woven in double fabrics, that is to say one in which multiple layers of fabric are woven at the same time that cross each other and are connected to each other. This creates forms and (dust) swings to realize this only in this technique. By using a self-developed technique, it has become further possible to cut in the upper layer / the layers; these incisions give the work spaciousness, but also by cutting the next visible layer which then participates in the design. Nelleke Hulsen studied art history and textile arts.

Nelleke Hulsen, 'A4', katoen,
66 x 66 cm

Eef de Graaf

Eef de Graaf (NL 1939) sees himself as an artist of the second generation constructivists. He works with lines, geometric shapes, black, white, and the primary colors. He makes works that exude a great simplicity, purity and harmony; a balance between emotion and reason. 


Eef de Graaf, Reliëfpanel I ro/zw kwadrant, cardboard,
32 x 32 cm

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Amersfoort in 1973, Eef de Graaf works as a visual artist. Its own way seeking ', apart from popular trends. Initially monochrome and in a flat surface, his work became more colorful and spatial.


Eef de Graaf, relief, carboard, 
32 x 32 cm




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