Fabio Massimo Caruso


“Grains” 2015 – oil on canvas – 200 x 150 cm


“Black grains” 2015 – oil on canvas – 70 x 55 cm


“Eden” 2016 – oil on canvas – 180 x 160 cm


“Tralci” 2016 – oil on canvas – 300 x 150 cm


Permanent exhibition “Juana Romani” exhibition center – works “Tralci, Exodus and Channels n°4”


“Exodus” 2016 – oil on panel and frame – 250 x 125 cm


“Channels n°4” 2017 – series of 5 painting – acrylic on canvas – 146 x 114 cm – Permanent exhibition ”Juana Romani exhibition center” – Velletri (RM)


“Channels n°5” 2017 – acrylic on canvas – 120 x 90 cm – U. Mastroianni Museum city of Marino (RM) series of 5 paintings – archaeological finds


“Maps n°1,2,3,4” 2018-19 series of 4 paintings – acrylic on canvas each of – 150 x 125 cm & one of 100 x 100 cm


“Map n°2” 2018 series of 3 paintings – acrylic on canvas – 150 x 125 cm


“Mapping” 2018-19 – acrylic on canvas – 100 x 100 – series “Maps” n° 4 paintings cm – U. Mastroianni Museum city of Marino (RM)


“Partitura n°3” 2018 – series of 3 painting – acrylic on canvas each – 50 x 40 cm


”Geometrica essentia” – 2019 – acrylic and collage on handmade paper – 50 x 70 cm


“Break Line n°2” -2019 – acrylic on pressed cardboard – 35 x 50.5 cm


”Geometrica essentia” – 2019 – acrylic on pressed cardboard – 77 x 100 cm


”Geometrica essentia” – 2019 – acrylic on canvas – 100 x 100 cm


“Meridians and parallels” 2020 – acrylic on canvas – 80 x 60 cm


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – n°2 paintings of 200 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x 25 cm


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x25


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x 25


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x25


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – n°2 paintings of 200 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x 25 cm


“Transcription project” 2020-21-22 – n°33 paintings of 200 – acrylic on canvas – 20 x 25 cm


“Direct translation a ” 2021 – oil on canvas – 125 x 160 cm


“Direct translation b” 2021 -oil on canvas – 125 x 160 cm


“Di Luce secondo” – 2021 – acrylic on canvas – 125 x 160 cm


“Di Luce primo” 2021 – acrylic on canvas 125 x 160 cm


“Di Luce terzo” – 2021 – acrylic on canvas – 40 x 50 cm


“Alphabet of signs part a,b,c,d” 2022 – quadriptych, acrylics on paper, each 59 x 93 cm


“Alphabet of signs part a” 2022 – quadriptych, acrylics on paper, each 59 x 93 cm


Fabio Massimo Caruso

Biographical and descriptive notes: Fabio Massimo Caruso lives in Ciampino (Rome) and paints in the studios of Ciampino and Velletri (Rome). He began drawing and coloring as a child, painting for him constantly assumes an increasingly vital motif over the years. From the early 1980s in Rome, the artist Tito Amodei gave him a space to work inside the Giardini della Scala Santa (RM), adjacent to his studio and the “Room 1” international art gallery. The artistic activity officially started in 1986. he participates in many personal and collective exhibitions and his works are present in private collections and in public spaces.To follow the references the references of my route:

https://www.facebook.com/arsfabius/ www.fabiomassimocaruso.com


• During my artistic activity, one of the most particular and important events in which I participated was “Itália na Copa” in 2014, thanks to the invitation of the Italian Embassy in Brazil and the FGCI (Italian Football Federation) with the my project “O Percurso” – realized in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) at the Pinacoteca Potiguar :


This happened during my stay in Brazil in June. I was the only Italian painter to be present at the large event extended to A series of paintings are on permanent display in Brasilia, in the headquarters of the prestigious Italian Embassy.

> Video sequences of my artist residency in Brazil and at the end of the video film studio working phases in Italy: https://www.facebook.com/558369420854080/videos/967381656619519

The significant event of global interest was for me, a reason for human and professional growth, such as to make me land, in a natural way, to a painting oriented towards more geometric planes.

– Always maintaining my full artistic and exhibition autonomy, from 2017 to 2019 I participated in the exhibition activities of the artistic movement “Astractura” – geometric abstraction, also contributing as a promoter. I placed and organized the works of the Astractura geometric abstraction movement in a large room of the “Juana Romani Exhibition Center” in Velletri (Rome), where I am present with 2 of my works. In agreement with the Head of the Polo Alessandro Filippi – I took care of the redevelopment of a part of the rooms on the 1st floor, giving the 3 rooms and the corridor that accompanies them an address of artistic abstraction. Next to this exhibition room there is mine with works only of large dimensions that testify to the personal artistic path and another of the former masters and artists of what in the past was an important and historic Italian art school, which dictated a significant cultural strategy in Italy.

“Juana Romani Exhibition Center” with sequences of the 3 rooms:


• In 2019 I was invited to participate in: “6th Burullus International Symposium” (Alexandria – Egypt). Organized by the Abdel Wahab Foundation for Development and Culture in the village of Borg El Burullus, on the northern coast of Egypt, east of Alexandria. a Symposium that is proving to be a cultural event full of interest not only because it is unique in the world as it combines mural and boat painting, but also due to the increasingly numerous participations of well-known international artists. This symposium has earned a national and international reputation for local development through the promotion of arts and culture and for the promotion of international cultural exchanges.

• 2021 “The sign of songs” is currently underway, a project developed in 3 exhibition stages – one of which is abroad, the 4th is in the organizational definition phase, followed by information. “The sign of songs” project inspired by the Cantiche of Dante Alighieri. The purpose of the event aims to translate the musicality of Dante’s Canticles of the Divine Comedy into free forms of visual art that show a relationship with the writing of the great poet.

• Design of the project and artistic direction: Fabio Massimo Caruso – Collaboration and coordination in the Arkadiusz Sedek project, Stefano Donati.

The project already has its own history, collected in the pages of the 3 events that have distinguished it. The fourth stage will take place in the city of Velletri (Rome), the city is an important place, rich in history, culture, exchanges and meetings. The event will take place in a brand new space that will spring from an extraordinary redevelopment project of the Velletri station, a historical container of tragic and joyful events. The space thus prepares to become in perspective, the bearer of new solutions and cultural forms. Most likely a unique space in the world, “dynamic intellectual tracks” where the multiple artistic expressions will move. The 4th event will be an integral part of the official inauguration of the space itself.

• Rai Cultura, the most important art network in Italy, recently published a special on the event: https://www.raicultura.it/art/articoli/2021/11/Il-Segno-dei–ec2eea95- b6a1-469a- 89ce-306c0503a84a.html

• Il Segno dei Canti has become an international exhibition of itinerant contemporary art, currently collected in 3 phases – here is a summary of the substantial documentation:

1st Bipielle Arte Lodi – Banca Popolare di Lodi Foundation:


2 ^ Pantheon Design & Technology Institute – Rome:



3 ^ Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Oranżeria Dom Środowisk Twórczych Kielce – Poland: https://www.facebook.com/page/100624548328821/search/?q=Il%20segno%20dei%20canti

• A short list of exhibitions in Italy:

1988 “Twelve-thirty-five-second”, Ex Borsa in Campo Boario, Rome | 1989 After the Boario Festival of the two worlds, Spoleto (Pr) | 1989 “XXXI National Art Biennial of Milan” Palazzo della Permanente, Milan | 1991 “IX National Review of Contemporary Art”Oddi Ricci Museum, Piacenza | 1994 “Arte in festa” Taurus Gallery, Turin | 1995 “Thinking positively”, Banca Popolare di Milano, in collaboration with the Galleria D’Ars Milan, Rome and Bologna offices | 2004 “Fabio Massimo Caruso”, Rome Lombardi Gallery | 2005 “Sabaudia F. Ferrazzi Int”. Prize of Painting, ex Palazzo delle Poste, Sabaudia (LT) | 2007 “Bruno Munari art”, color, sign, Corviale Library (Rome Libraries – Rome Quadrennial Foundation), Rome | 2008 “The warp thread”, Museum “U. Mastroianni ”, City of Marino (Rome) | 2010 “Angular stones”, San Zenone all’Arco, Brescia | 2010 “XIV Biennial of Contemporary Sacred” Art Staurós Museum, S. Gabriele, Isola del Gran Sasso (TE) | 2010 “May a hundred flowers bloom… artists for Liberation”, Galleria Nuova Pesa, Rome | 2011 “Hardly Climbing”, Museo Scuderie Aldobrandini Frascati (RM) | 2011 “aquAquae”, Villa Rusconi in Castano Primo (MI) | 2011 “GiocoFuori”, EidoStudio, Naples | 2012 “ROCK OFF” – EidoStudio, thematic exhibition on rock and its languages ​​in collaboration with the Palazzo delle Arti (PAN), Naples | 2012 “With Magritte’s cloud”, Angelica Gallery – Angelica Library, Rome | 2015 “Nexus”, Spazio Comel Latina, Art project by Fabio Massimo Caruso with sound installation by Alberto Antinori and Laura Di Marzo | 2015 “World of Fashion” Rome, location Hotel St Regis (ex Grand Hotel), dialogue between painting and design, event included in the official ALTAROMA calendar | 2016 “Solution”, event included in the Scala dei Turchi White Wall project – The Park for Contemporary Art, Agrigento | 2016 “Mosaic for the Jubilee of Mercy”, Parco del Convento dei Passionisti / Scala Santa, Rome | 2018 Astractura, Ercolano (NA), Exhibition at the Royal Stables of Villa Favorita | 2018 “!Astractura”, Benevento, Exhibition at the Rocca dei Rettore – Medieval rooms ‘Historical and artistic testimonies’ | 2019 “Syart Sorrento Festival” – third edition, International meetings of contemporary art – Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento (NA).

• abroad: 2008 FIFE 2008 Florean Museum, Baia Mare (R) | 2009 “Art Swap”, London EAST Festival, August Art Gallery, London (GB) | 2010 “The Great Book Of The Graphic Arts” – Graphic and digital art exhibition, University of Humanities and Economic Studies in Lodz (PL), Budapest Cultural Center (H) and Polish Embassy Brussels (B) | 2012 Das Hohelied der Liebe- “Il canto dei cantici”, Domschatz – und Diözesanmuseum, Passau (D) | Galerie SEHR, Koblenz (D) | 2014 “Arte Da Copa” (JAPAN, MEXICO AND ITÁLIA) – Potiguar Art Gallery, House of Culture, Natal (Brazil) | 2014 – “O Percurso” (Italy Na Copa event), Casa Azzurri, Potiguar Art Gallery, Natal (Brazil).

• Permanent exhibitions: 1991 – Conference Hall General Motors, Rome, 2012 – Aldobrandini Stables Museum, Frascati (RM) 2014 – Italian Embassy in Brazil, Brasilia 2016 – Parco del Convento dei Passionisti / Scala Santa, Rome – RaiCultura Video: “Fabio Massimo Caruso tells how a mosaic is born. The material that is molded in your hands”:

https://www.raicultura.it/arte/articoli/2019/10/Fabio-Massimo-Caruso-racconta-come-nasce-unm mosaic-67c130c0-8fc2-41cf-b529- d93b16b055b1.html2017

2019 – permanent exhibition – Council Chamber of the City of Ciampino (Rome), with the work “Geometrica essentia” – 2019 acrylic on canvas – 125 x 150 cm

• They are interested and have published about him:

AGIS, Contemporary Art, Art Mondadori edition, Artè, Brescia today, Corriere Adriatico, Corriere della sera, Corriere dell’Umbria, CSArt, Exibart on line, Exibart on paper, Exibart tv, “Art weekend” – RAI GR2, Flash art, Giornale di Brescia, Il Globo, Il Gazzettino, Italy today, Il Giornale dell’arte, Il Giornale dello Spettacolo, The Morning, Territory, Latina Today, The Square, The Province, Liberation, Messenger, Urbino News, Panorama, RAI Tv I °, II °, III ° channel, “I lost the trend” – RAI Radio1, Repubblica (Trova Milano and Trova Roma), Il Roma, Roma C’e, RTE 24 H (Spoleto regional network), ” In Campania “(Official site) of the Cultural Heritage of the Campania region, Teknemedia.net, Tempo, The Independent, www.comune.napoli.it -” creative autumn “, RAI Giornale Radio, TGR – TG Campania, Windows of Wonder – Icon .Benetton.com, TGR – TG Lazio,, TV Globo (Brazil), TV Record (Brazil), Tribuna do Norte (Brazil), Novo Giornal (Brazil), “Brasil” Rai Radio 1, RAI Cultura Net work. • They wrote about him: P. Balmas, C. Bardella, G. Bartoli, E. Bassignano, M. Campaner, G. Cantoni, Carlo F. Carli, C. Casorati, S. Cini, G. Clemente, E. Concarotti, R. Curi, T . D’Acchille, G. Dalesio, E. Di Mauro, P. De Ciuceis, F. Carnaghi, J. Gatta, A. Giordano, R. Gramiccia, C. Inzerillo, M. Milani, S. Misiano, Paulo Nascimento, S. Orienti, C. Perucchetti, R. Pinto, R. Savinio, R. Siligato, Yuno Silva, L. Somaini, Tito.

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Fabio Massimo Caruso